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Media Station

Budget minded digital only solution

Media Station

The Media Station offers an alternative solution to the budget minded party planner and the corporate event coordinator.

The Media Station is a standalone unit that guides your guests through taking and digitally sharing their photos. They provide their own lighting but ambient room lighting will effect the photographic quality. Personality and corporate branding are still a part of this package allowing you to personalize the digital output. Unit branding is available.

Backdrop, props, and post-printed album pages are available for additional fees.
We will transport and pickup within our 45 mile radius.
Rentals start at $199 for 3 hours!

The Media Station

Media Stations

We now offer media stations. Boasts a large touch screen and can be tilted to adjust for differences in heights of guests, its own lighting and can be run off a battery for a few hours. Our units can be branded physically with your corporate logo and colors to make sure your message is remembered. Then all the digital output is branded as well so when guests share their images online they are sharing your message as well with the universe.

Photo booth is lots of fun!!

Christina G.

Basic Media Station Features

Our booths all have touch screen interfaces that give you a visual selfie experience and real time feedback on your pose. After a photo session is started a count down timer gives you time to perfect your position and composure then your photograph is taken, followed by more photographs, depending on the customized output template you have chosen. We offer many different sizes of output to fit your event and budget. Our Media Station allows your guest to create a digital memory that they can share to  their email or phone.  After your event we will upload the original images as well as the output image, which we post to an online gallery allowing you and your guests access to their high resolution images for download or ordering purposes.

So Many Options

  • Color, Black & White, Sepia and Vintage Image Filters
  • Beauty Filters
  • Posting to Event/Page on Facebook
  • Boomerangs GIFs
  • Animated GIFs
  • Posting to online gallery
  • Green Screen
  • Post-Printed Pages & PDF Albums
  • Optional digital props
  • Optional props rental
  • Optional backdrop rental